Ableton Era (RTX3080) 2023

Need to spend more time in the studio.

Ableton Era (RTX3080) 2022

New Year. New Computer. Another playlist.

Ableton Era (4 Terror Drive) 2021

New Year. Decided to start another playlist.

Ableton Era (4 Terror Drive)

Looking for a way to categorize things. After switching to PC based recording. I ran out of space on the F Drive. This is newer material. Which may not necessarily sound better than older material.

Ableton Era (F Drive)

After using Auria Pro on the iPad for a number of years. Mostly because I could record outside easily. I switched to Ableton on PC.

Soundcloud (Auria Pro Era)

Stuff recorded mostly in Auria Pro on an iPad. Not super deep in the archives. But getting there… I credit Soundcloud with getting me started on making this web site. I ran out of space and was going to have to pay money anyhow.

War Party

Last band I was in. Recorded in Steve’s basement on March 20th, 1990. Probably not far from Bret Michaels house in Mechanicsburg PA. Transferred to CD on January 20th, 1999.

  • Dave Martin – Lead Guitar
  • Brendan Lipira – Drums
  • Steve Tatanish – Bass
  • Matt Butchko – Vocals
  • Jim Waughen – Rhythm Guitar

Slick Willy’s Cigar Shop

Only “album” I ever made… back in 1998. The samples were loaded into a Turtle Beach soundcard. The recording software was from PG Music. That’s all I remember. A lot of Southpark tunes mixed in with original songs. IMHO this album has the best version of Jingle Bellz ever recorded… Sung by none other than KOS himself. I need to get him back in the studio.

4 Track Masters 1991-1997

Quite sure not all of these came from my Fostex X-26 4 track. Since I hear samples… some of these were maybe made on a computer…

4 Track Masters 1988-1991

My earliest recordings. A lot of things were converging around me during this time period. Had an Atari 2600, TI-99, and Commodore 64. MIDI was in it’s infancy. Computer interfaces that captured analog data weren’t available at this time. At least not to my knowledge. I believe there was a MIDI interface for the Commodore and Steinberg made sequencing software for it. But, I ended up getting a Fostex X-26 4 track tape deck to record on. Not an ideal platform for someone who plays as poorly as I do. Think I’ll stick with Ableton.

Bewilder Basement Tape

Recorded in Mechanicsburg PA circa 1990. Recorded on my Fostex X-26 using two Shure Prologue mics. Bewilder was comprised of…

  • Rick Kees (RIP) – Lead Vocals
  • Don Atkinson – Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Matt Arndt – Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • T.L. Tobias – Bass, Backing Vocals
  • Rusty Smith – Drums, Backing Vocals

Bewilder Demo

Recorded and Mixed at Studio 213 Mechanicsburg PA October 1991 by Al Cox