Ableton Era (RTX3080) 2022

New Year. New Computer. Another playlist.

Ableton Era (4 Terror Drive) 2021

New Year. Decided to start another playlist.

Ableton Era (4 Terror Drive)

Looking for a way to categorize things. After switching to PC based recording. I ran out of space on the F Drive. This is newer material. Which may not necessarily sound better than older material.

Ableton Era (F Drive)

After using Auria Pro on the iPad for a number of years. Mostly because I could record outside easily. I switched to Ableton on PC.

Soundcloud (Auria Pro Era)

Stuff recorded mostly in Auria Pro on an iPad. Not super deep in the archives. But getting there… I credit Soundcloud with getting me started on making this web site. I ran out of space and was going to have to pay money anyhow.

War Party

Last band I was in. Recorded in Steve’s basement on March 20th, 1990. Probably not far from Bret Michaels house in Mechanicsburg PA. Transferred to CD on January 20th, 1999.

  • Dave Martin – Lead Guitar
  • Brendan Lipira – Drums
  • Steve Tatanish – Bass
  • Matt Butchko – Vocals
  • Jim Waughen – Rhythm Guitar

Slick Willy’s Cigar Shop

Only “album” I ever made… back in 1998. The samples were loaded into a Turtle Beach soundcard. The recording software was from PG Music. That’s all I remember. A lot of Southpark tunes mixed in with original songs. IMHO this album has the best version of Jingle Bellz ever recorded… Sung by none other than KOS himself. I need to get him back in the studio.

4 Track Masters 1991-1997

Quite sure not all of these came from my Fostex X-26 4 track. Since I hear samples… some of these were maybe made on a computer…

4 Track Masters 1988-1991

My earliest recordings. A lot of things were converging around me during this time period. Had an Atari 2600, TI-99, and Commodore 64. MIDI was in it’s infancy. Computer interfaces that captured analog data weren’t available at this time. At least not to my knowledge. I believe there was a MIDI interface for the Commodore and Steinberg made sequencing software for it. But, I ended up getting a Fostex X-26 4 track tape deck to record on. Not an ideal platform for someone who plays as poorly as I do. Think I’ll stick with Ableton.

Bewilder Basement Tape

Recorded in Mechanicsburg PA circa 1990. Recorded on my Fostex X-26 using two Shure Prologue mics. Bewilder was comprised of…

  • Rick Kees (RIP) – Lead Vocals
  • Don Atkinson – Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Matt Arndt – Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • T.L. Tobias – Bass, Backing Vocals
  • Rusty Smith – Drums, Backing Vocals

Bewilder Demo

Recorded and Mixed at Studio 213 Mechanicsburg PA October 1991 by Al Cox