1955 – 2020

Welcome to Wonton Productions. A repository for things I’ve filmed, photos I’ve taken, music I’ve filmed/recorded, and music I’ve written. It’s not an official Guinness World Record. But, I’ve written more songs about Ski Roundtop/Roundtop Mountain Resort than anyone.

Featured Music

I’ve done a few songs for the owner of “One Up Woodworks”, creator of “Laps with Dad”, and Klint sponsored skier Mike Urich. By chance, I feel that my better musical compositions were created for Mike.

Close Encounters of the Roundtop Kind

An alien encounter leads Wonton (portrayed by Richard Dreyfuss) to have mysterious visions. Visions of a mountain. A mountain covered in snow. Wonton is compelled to go on a search to find the location of the vision he sees appearing in his dreams. But… just who is in control of sending Wonton this mysterious vision? I can’t tell you. You’ll just have to watch it. This movie is (ahem) “loosely” based on “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”. Youtube wanted no parts of this. Let’s see how long it lasts here.

“if the best things in life are free, why do i have to pay for beer?”
“live fast, die old.”
“some people do not deserve 15 minutes of fame.”
“i only have 13 minutes of fame left

Won Ton – Planet Earth

Let me film you at a level somewhat better than amateur… potentially